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I’m located in Carlsbad, CA. There is no travel fee when sessions are booked for a location within 50 miles roundtrip from Diane Hamacher Photography.


You don’t need to look at the camera, stage your place or wear some new fancy clothes. My documentary approach will be the same for family or local business sessions. Just plan some activities you usually do, let the day unfold like it usually does in your family or business.

I will capture some “moments de vie”, interactions and some details of your environment that will tell your story. Undirected, unposed, just be yourself and let me photograph some real moments.


In your environment, your home, or in a location that means something to you. It could be your local library, favorite breakfast place or the playground close to your house.


Please click here for detailed information on family, local business and event photography packages.


For those who may wonder about the story behind my website name, Taouka, it is the name of our vacation home my grand-parents built in the 60s in Cap Ferret, France on the Atlantic Ocean. So many childhood memories are tied to that house and the happy moments we shared and still share there as a family.

In the hallway of that house, we have a big poster of a picture my mum took when we were kids. My sister, my cousin and I are on a windsurf board laughing and about to fall into the water. Just looking at that picture bring back so many happy memories.

This is what I would like to offer my clients, freeze a moment in time, capture real moments they will love looking at today and many years from now.

Client Reviews

  • "... She is not only very talented in spotting the right moment and creating the perfect setup to take a picture; she is also extremely friendly with kids and capable of creating an environment where the person behave and interact completely naturally and spontaneously, which makes the final result absolutely amazing..."

    Remo B.
  • "... She is an amazing photographer and works so well with children!! I highly recommend her for family photos, she is very friendly and professional..."

    Sarah B.
  • "... I love my maternity pictures she took. The session was comfortable and fun! No intimidation whatsoever... and she made me look better than I did in real life!! Thank you, Diane!"

    Aya M.
  • "... Diane is so good with kids (ours are 3 and 6 years old) and the kids loved her and the shooting. Even my husband, who was at first not thrilled to do a professional photo shooting, really loved it. We really like that she took very authentic pictures of our family while we were having fun at the beach..."

    Inga M.
  • "... Diane has been able to "disappear" and take some very "real" pictures of our family. Her photos reflect what we can see for ourselves when we watch our children play and live. We are amazed by the result..."

    Laure G.
  • "... From the very beginning Diane was super sweet and made us feel very comfortable with the whole process... When the day finally came Diane came to our home and immediately began interacting with our children who were 2.5 and 6 months so that they were comfortable with her. We read to them and played with them and the entire shoot felt very natural..."

    Troy R.
  • "... We are very happy with Diane's photography.... She didn't "direct" us to do certain things, she just blended into our environment and captured the authentic interactions that our family was having..."

    Tyler F.


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